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Our accomplished roster of attorneys has extensive experience practicing in federal, civil and criminal courts throughout Georgia, and a proven record of success achieving results for our clients.

Whatever your situation, our lawyers will provide you with the knowledgeable guidance and strong advocacy you need. For over thirty years, we have been the firm that individuals and businesses turn to to solve complex problems.

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With our law offices in Atlanta and Savannah, Chilivis Cochran Larkins & Bever LLP provides experienced legal guidance and strong advocacy to clients throughout Georgia.

Whether you are seeking a skilled Georgia federal criminal defense attorney or an accomplished lawyer in any of our practice areas, we are here to help you explore your legal options.

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23 April 2015

Top 3 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Attorney Before Your Case Goes Before a Grand Jury

If you are being charged with any kind of crime, you will want a seasoned attorney to defend you; however, if you are facing the possibility of your case going before a grand jury, an ...

13 April 2015

Six Quick Tips on Using Expert Witnesses

Cases are frequently won – or lost – based on expert testimony. CCLB attorneys have extensive experience in a wide range of complex criminal and civil matters involving expert opinion ...

1 April 2015


HEALTHCARE COMPLIANCE ALERTCheck the OIG Exclusions Database!  Doing Business With Excluded Individuals or Entities Can Lead to Substantial Liability In January 2015, an Alabama ...

31 March 2015

My bank manager is forging deposit slips. Who do I tell?

In 2012, a bank manager in Marietta, Georgia was arrested for fraud and forgery for using information in the Chase Bank’s branch to cash thousands of dollars’ worth of US Treasury ...

31 March 2015

The data entry personnel is selling the personal information of those in the hospital. Who can I tell?

In 2014, 60 minutes did a segment highlighting data brokers and how they are collecting and selling personal information. This is an ever increasing problem with staff that has access ...

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